Wednesday, 7 May 2014

During the recent busy Trade show season, we have still found time to review many fabulous folios from a breathtaking list of Illustration talents, who have thankfully adhered
to the agency's submission policies and sent their work in a professional manner. We are very excited to announce the signings of Duncan Wilson, James Loram, Matteo Gaggia, Natasha Nicole, Juan Hernaz and Jacqui Clark! ( more to come on all these prestigious artists in future Blog posts )

We are always overwhelmed by the ability of many of the Illustrators that approach us and we only wish we could spend more time reviewing and advising on everyone's website/folio
but it is just impossible.We are just glad we receive such a variety of submissions every day!

So if you are a talented professional illustrator who wants to launch their work to a Global marketplace then don't be shy!   Submissions policy must be followed ;)