Monday, 17 February 2014


STAND B / 108, PAVILION 25 24th - 27th March

Yes, it is that time again, we are busy again compiling some of wonderful Illustrator's work
aswell as producing some pioneering sample pages for our Publisher clients who want to wow their prospective clients at the World's leading Children's Book Fair.
The show is a wonderful showcase and appreciation of the inspiring craft of ILLUSTRATION. We just love meeting new faces, leading Publishers and interactive companies from all over the Globe who share the same passion for this art form.

We are currently setting up meetings and if you would like to say hello please drop us a mail
to or

Sadly we can only review postcards or illustrator websites after the show, during the show it
is just too hectic to give the proper amount of time to each artist who approaches us. We always enjoy seeing new talent, but we need more time to review any folio of work ;o)